Storm Restoration and Repair

Our team is experienced in unusual and extreme damage that goes beyond the typical hail storm or flood. For over a decade, insurance carriers often call TMI for help when the damage is bad.

TMI knows storm damage and repair.

Our experience in storm damage repair and property restoration comes from years of dealing with wind, hail, tornado, fire, flood, and hurricane repairs. We are licensed to perform construction in multiple states from the Rocky Mountains to Delaware and south to Florida. We also hold a Florida roofing license.

With TMI involved in repairing your property, you get help from an experienced and knowledgeable staff that will stand beside you through the whole process.

We know the insurance companies and they know us.

TMI often acts as a consultant for insurance companies. We offer valuable services to the insurance company including cost estimating, scope formulation, damage evaluation and reporting. Our ability to work with the insurance companies to ensure your property is repaired correctly is invaluable. The repair process is much more involved than just the actual repair work. It takes a group effort between the homeowner, insurance company, and contractor to bring everything together. Without a collaborative effort between all three, your repair project will be much more difficult.

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